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Retrieving Similar Tracks from your Library (Deprecated)


This guide is deprecated. Please use the new guide for finding Similar Tracks.

After importing data into your cyanite database (see Integrating InDepthAnalysis), you can retrieve similar tracks for any given track.

Use the similarLibraryTracks field on the InDepthAnalysisResult type. It will return a connection with similar tracks from your database.

Customizing query#

There are two additional ways in which you can customize the query. You can use first variable in order to change the number of similar tracks returned by default. The maximum number you can set is 100. In the exmaple below, first 20 results will be returned. It is also possible to filter the similarLibraryTracks connection to only include tracks with a specific tag using tagFilter variable. The example shows a query that will only return tracks with public tag. Here you can learn how to add tags to your tracks.