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Creating an integration

Before you can start using the API, you must register on You must also verify your email address, otherwise, you will not be able to create an integration.

After you have successfully registered, head over to the Integration Section and click the Create New Integration button.

Screenshot: Integration Route

Choose a suitable title. The webhook field should point to a public HTTP endpoint that will be able to receive events. You can also send a test event to verify that the endpoint is accessible. The webhook secret will later be used in your webhook in order to verify that the incoming requests were sent by You can choose your own secret or generate a random secret.

After you have filled out all forms click the Create Integration button.

Screenshot: Integration Created Modal

Store both the access token and the webhook secret at a secure place! You can generate a new access token and set a new webhook secret but cannot retrieve lost credentials. You will need the access token for sending authenticated requests to the API. The webhook secret will be used by for signing requests sent to your webhook.